About company

Our service of mass payments offers you not to fill numerous orders anymore, to stop wasting a lot of time on making payments in the bank or on independent execution of all transfers to partners and executors. All this reliably, safely and on the most favorable terms you can do right here, with the help of our system!
At BETATRANSFER.IO you can pay suppliers, investors, employees, redistribute your own funds between different wallets in completely different currencies, both in fiat money and digital. If you wish, all sent and received amounts are automatically converted at the current, favorable rate as in rubles or dollars.

What makes us better?

The peculiarity of our offer is the possibility to open only one multicurrency account, and work only with it. This is very convenient and completely eliminates confusion, especially for those who make payments in different currencies. Thus, you do not need to register several wallets, which seriously saves time. Moreover, we support both electronic and fiat money, so you can pay directly to bank cards or online wallets. In this case, there is no need to make currency conversions, which eliminates additional fees and saves you a lot of money. We would also like to note that it is possible to make payments both to foreign accounts and to your own personal ones. For example, you have Yandex.Money, Kiwi and Webmani wallets - in our service you can transfer it at once to all accounts evenly, or even in predetermined proportions. With the help of our mass payout service you can easily and almost instantly pay your salary to employees, especially those working remotely, pay off contractors or pay interest to investors.

Security and anonymity of operations

When registering in the system, you only need to specify a password and login, which are necessary for authorization and login to your account. Each user has his own personal account, which is securely protected from any encroachments. Here you can find out the current balance, see the history of operations, the volume of transfers made and other information. We do our best to ensure reliable storage and transfer of funds of our clients, in particular, employees of our service have no access to them at all. It is especially important to note the storage of passwords in encrypted form, so no one but you can know them, except, of course, when you provide them to others by yourself. Even safer procedures are made by two-factor authentication in the system, which involves sending a code to the phone and entering it when trying to log into the cabinet. This completely excludes fraudsters from gaining access to your funds, even if they somehow have a registration password and login. All transactions carried out at your request are completely confidential, information about them is not available to anyone but you personally. We do not disclose account numbers, transaction amounts or other information about the services provided. Account balances are private information and in principle cannot be provided to third persons. If the above security measures in the payment system seem to be insufficient, you can set up a pool of IP addresses from which you can access your account at any time. In this case all attempts to gain access to funds from other addresses will be rejected, which significantly improves the security level of the system. In addition to the proposed methods, you can order an email with information about all operations performed in the cabinet of the user. In this way you can always be aware of the amounts and when they were withdrawn or transferred to other accounts. Also, the service involves the use of one-time password, which each time for a new procedure may change. The advantage of this offer is that you will not be able to use it for the second time, which means that intruders will not be able to access the funds even if they will have the password and login generated when registering the client in the network.

Work features

To start using our services, you need to pass fairly simple and fast registration. This will require:

1. Enter your e-mail address ending with "com";

2. Enter a password consisting of at least 8 characters and containing at least 1 digit, 1 large and small Latin letter;

3. Duplicate password;

4. Read the terms of service usage;

5. Press the "Register" button, after which the system will display a message demanding to save the password.

After confirming the correctness of the entered data, a message will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the application. Then you need to confirm your e-mail and login to the service. If necessary, already in system of mass payments you can change the password, to include authorisation and acknowledgement of payment through mail that will help to secure even more itself. In the right top corner you can always see your current balance. The procedure is really very simple and does not take much time. The interface of the personal account is made in an unobtrusive style, has simple schemes of work and it can be intuitively and quickly understood. First you need to select the option "Open an account", then you need to select the desired currency and click on "Create". After that your personal address will appear in the line next to the name of the coins, from which the transfers will be made. The system generates currency wallets addresses by itself in just a few seconds. In order to start making transactions, you need to replenish your account at the specified address. You can work with several currencies simultaneously, there are no restrictions on it. Please note that at the time of generation of some addresses, the system gives out an additional key. It should be noted separately that in order to start cooperation with the service it is not necessary to pass identity identification. We do not require any confidential information, the provision of scanned copies of identity documents will not be required even the name or surname of the client. The system works only with logins, passwords and account addresses, and the benefits are obvious to everyone. For opening of accounts in system of mass payments it is not necessary to pay anything, this service is given completely gratuitously while many organizations take for it the certain sum. Any person, regardless of citizenship, gender, religion or status (individual or legal entity) can become our client. These services can be used by large companies, small entrepreneurs or individuals who want to make regular payments and save their time. It should be noted that BETATRANSFER.IO provides services not only for regular payments, but also for one-off payments, i.e. you decide whether to make them permanent or any other payments. This is very convenient, because first you can try to make a single transaction and, if everything is okay (and we have done literally everything possible for this!), continue cooperation. In this way you will be able to assess the efficiency of our employees, the profitability of the conditions and wide opportunities for mass payments.

The advantages of our offer

You do not need to re-fill in all the data, the same bank card or e-wallet numbers each time. It is enough to do it once, creating a standard template as simple as possible for the convenience of our customers. We have done everything for comfortable use of the service:

- The advantages of our offer;

- Collected in one personal cabinet currency wallets;

- Ability to sort operations by date;

- Convenient form for payment, which can include a lot of addresses;

- Minimum and appropriate commissions;

- Prompt technical support assistance as needed;

- Prompt operation.

And of course, you can choose which currency to transfer funds in and not convert them into rubles, if this is not necessary. At the same time, our clients have access to them 24 hours a day. This means that the application can be created at absolutely any time, and you will not need to adjust to the schedule of our service, as, for example, when applying to the bank. We do not have any holidays, we provide services continuously. Also note that we make mass payments to individuals in the same way as legal entities. All you need to know for this is just the number of your electronic wallet or payment card of one of the Russian banks. If necessary, you can always change the details or add additional information about new counterparties. All that is required from our clients is to provide correct and up-to-date information about the recipients. It should be noted that we have minimum amounts for replenishment and transfers. Regardless of the number of accounts and their amounts, the balance is shown in rubles at the current rate. It may vary depending on the market rate, but there is nothing critical about it. We guarantee the safety of your funds and the accuracy of all transfers. Our mass payment service is already unique, at least because it does not require any binding to the place. You can pay your employees, investors and customers from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer. The last one is not always mandatory, you can replace it with an ordinary tablet or even a smartphone. Wherever you are, in a train, in an airplane, even on a cruise ship - you can easily fulfill your obligations in the presence of the Network and appropriate equipment. The service allows you to strictly control the consumption of your funds, make timely payments and ensure their protection from intruders. The possibility of double write-off of funds is also excluded. We have developed the service in such a way that all procedures are simple and clear. But if our clients still have questions, we are ready to answer them during working hours. The site has an experienced technical support service, which will help in solving the problems encountered. In the chat you can specify literally everything concerning the current course, balance, generation of wallets addresses, translation speed, history and a number of other nuances. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if you no longer need funds in your account, you can contact the operators with a request to withdraw them. This option is possible and is routinely considered by our service, so you do not have to replenish the balance even for large amounts - the money will not hang anywhere, and if it remains, then, again, can be returned to the sender. However, here you should consider that such an operation will be performed at the current rate, which may be slightly different from the one at which your order was closed the first time. In terms of efficiency and security, our system of mass payments is not inferior to the banking system, and in terms of practicality, profitability and anonymity significantly exceeds them. Only in this way you can no longer depend on the work schedule of financial institutions and get rid of the paperwork. The most important thing here is that each of our clients has the opportunity to start cooperation with minimum amounts to ensure our usefulness, reliability and security. Delegate some of your credentials to us and get rid of the routine daily operations!