1. This document (hereinafter - Rules) describes the main features of BETATRANSFER.IO (hereinafter - Service).

2. These Rules regulate the interaction between the Client and the Service. The latter, in accordance with the Tariffs, receives remuneration for the services provided to the Customer, who undertakes to work with the Service according to the instructions of the Service.

3. The Rules are an offer of the Service sent to legally entitled persons for them to accept it.

4. Additional features of the Service functioning that are not described in these Rules, but exist in the form of a set of internal circulars, may be provided to the Customer for review if there are substantial grounds for doing so, and only upon the personal written request of the Customer.

List of terms

1. Authorization data - Login and Password.

2. Authorization is an unambiguous definition of a Client by Login and Password.

3. Unauthorized activity - the whole range of activities subject to the prohibition of the legislation in force in the country of the jurisdiction of the Client, as well as contrary to any ethical and moral standards.

4. Identification - personal data as defined by the Law or these Rules, transferred by the Customer to the Service.

5. Identified Client - the Client who has registered and provided personal data.

6. CUSTOMER - a person who has the right to use all Services of the Service according to the Rules.

7. Wallet means an account of a Customer who has passed the identification process and has an account in the Service. It reflects the balance of funds available for transfer, stored in the database of the Service.

8. Merchant - a physical or juridical person who uses the Service for commercial purposes to transfer funds to employees and partners.

9. Unregistered Customer - the Customer who has not registered and has not provided personal data: is entitled to use the Service with restrictions according to the terms of the contract.

10. Operation - any manipulation of funds in the account.

11. Payment is a transfer of funds to a third party from a personal wallet in the Service.

12. Registration - the process of filling out a special form to identify a person.

13. In order to make transactions, the Client is required to provide the details, which are contacts provided remotely via e-mail. In turn, the Administration of the Service also undertakes to provide the phone number and e-mail address for feedback during registration.

14. Service - software and hardware complex designed to provide customers with mass payment services to customers and partners.

15. Resources - digital or ordinary currency, the right to dispose of which belongs to the owner of a wallet in the Service.

16. Parties - Service Provider and the Customer that receives it.

17. Services - payments made within the Service, implying any transactions with funds in the account.